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Organia CBD oil experience story

CBD Experience Story: Johandra-Lisett Iljušin

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Johandra-Lisett, better known on Instagram as @jl.fitfood. I am in the last grade of high school and I keep a blog on Instagram, where I motivate young people to eat healthier and I enjoy working out at the gym. I am also a small-scale writer because I published my cookbook a few years ago.


Why do you use CBD?

I started having anxiety attacks 1.5 years ago and I tried my best to get rid of them. My boyfriend advised me to try CBD oil and my life changed. Have overcome anxiety attacks and I’m now generally a calmer person.


How much do you take it, how do you take it and when do you take it?

I always take CBD before going to bed and sometimes in the middle of the day when I feel anxious. I take 1-3 drops at a time.


What does CBD do to you?

After a few minutes, I feel much calmer and my sleep is much better.


Would you recommend it to someone? Who / why would it be?

I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering from anxiety or having trouble falling asleep. It's a really great product that changed my life in a positive way.

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