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Organia CBD oil experience - Organia CBD Oils

CBD – It’s just oil… but it helps!

Hi, I am Miika. I’ve been working within the Fund Industry and Finance for over 10 years now. The business life during my career has been very hectic since graduating and it hasn’t been exactly stress-free. In general, I am able to handle all circumstances quite well, but when the pressure and responsibilities are high, it’s sometimes difficult to switch off from work mode, especially at nights.

That was until I heard about CBD for the first time. I was complaining to my friends about how my head is sometimes so full of thoughts and ideas at nights that falling asleep is challenging. I am not a big fan of sleeping pills as you can still feel those in the morning, so I was wondering if there could be a better choice. My friend asked if I have ever tried CBD, which he had positive experiences with.

I did some online research and living in Finland where the environment is not friendly when it comes to anything new. The articles by the authorities were mainly negative and even threatening, so at first I decided not to give it a try. But after some time passed, I moved to Estonia and the same letter combination of CBD started popping up more frequently, so I decided to finally give it a try. And I’ve never looked back since.

It’s now been over a year since I tried CBD for the first time. Sometimes I use it multiple nights in a row, sometimes there might be days or even weeks where I don't need it at all. Additionally to the mild anxiety relief, I find it effective after late night gym workouts. Intensive training causes sleeping distractions to many, including myself, but after taking CBD before bed, I have not experienced those issues anymore. I have also noticed that the impact is actually the best with infrequent usage. It feels almost as effective as the sleeping pills. But the huge difference compared to pills is that in the mornings I’m fully awake and operational the second I open my eyes.

I haven’t personally experienced any higher tolerance nor other side effects, except maybe a bit increased appetite which also might be just a coincidence. So, even if it’s just oil, it really has had a positive impact on my life and well-being!

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