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Organia CBD oil experience

CBD Experience story: Evija Fogele

Who are you and what do you do?
I am Evija Fogele – probably the most positive person You would ever meet! I am all about positive mindset and sustainable lifestyle! In my day to day life I am trying to inspire others with my optimism and am sharing tips and tricks to make life more joyful! Quite recently I left my full time office job to chase my dreams!

Why do you use CBD?
I started using CBD as a supplement for a better sleep, because after all the stress at work I had a really hard time to get quality sleep – I would wake up multiple times at night and in the mornings would feel exhausted and moody. After some while after implementing CBD in my life I discovered other benefits such as inner peace and stress relief. Since then I have been using CBD almost every day for more than a year!

What does CBD do to you?
CBD makes me feel calm and relaxed, I am more focused and clear-minded. Also the sleep is incredible – it was as if I had forgotten what a good night's sleep should really be like until I started using CBD.

Would you recommend it to someone? Who/why would it be?
I would recommend 100% and in fact I have already inspired my friends to start using CBD – and You wouldn't even believe how many thank yous I have heard from them ever since!

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