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Organia CBD oil experience

CBD Experience story: Liis Org

Who are you and what do you do?
I am Liis Org, fitness and padel athlete, online coach, and social media influencer.
Why do you use CBD?
I usually use CBD oil these days when I need something to calm me down or improve my concentration. Since my days go really intensely, I sometimes feel that I have way too many things going on at the same time. These days I use CBD oil which really helps to make me calm. I also absolutely love More Sleep CBD oil, because it helps me to "turn off" all these million thoughts that I have at night. More Sleep CBD oil also improves the quality of sleep. For me, quality sleep is really important in my life!

What does CBD do to you?
CBD definitely helps to improve my concentration and helps to focus on the right things. It also helps to calm me down before I fall asleep.
Would you recommend it to someone? Who/why would it be?
I recommend CBD oils to everyone who lives a busy life and sometimes feels that the anxiety takes over and it’s hard to concentrate. I definitely recommend it also to everyone who has a problem with sleep, it really helps you! 

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