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CBD oil is finally making its way to workplaces in Europe

CBD oil is finally making its way to workplaces in Europe

At times work can be stressful. The anxiety of performing well, managing numerous projects, having sleepless nights because of the workload, speaking publicly or even presenting your ideas to partners can be a reason to lose focus. 

Organia offers relief for work-induced stress with a subscription that brings CBD oil next to the office coffee machine.


Most modern companies would agree that people are their most valuable asset. Another characteristic of modern work life is how stressful it can be. Companies offer various benefits to attract talent and help them balance their work and free time. Now, there’s a newcomer in the company perk repertoire that tackles stress directly in the workplace.

I have been using CBD oils for years now. During high focus demanding periods, I take a few drops during the day starting from the morning till I go to sleep in the evening.” says Rauno Kutti, the Head of Marketing in Organia.

Organia offers a selection of calming CBD oils directly to consumers, and our next mission is to help businesses to eliminate stress in the workplace. With a monthly subscription, companies can now have CBD oil delivered to their office.

North American businesses are more aware of the benefits of CBD oils, but now the trend is setting in Europe as well. For some, having CBD oil on display at the office might feel like a big step up from the usual coffee and sweets, but the goal is the same – to make people happier and more productive.

People without knowledge about the benefits of CBD oil might think that it’ll result in employees slacking off. On the contrary, CBD helps people focus on their task and deliver more results.”, Kutti explains. Companies might actually find CBD to provide more results than its more traditional counterparts, Kutti says. ”I used to be a huge coffee drinker to help get things done, but it made me more anxious. That’s why I quit coffee and now have a CBD routine for these types of days.”

We are the first company to offer the subscription service, but still emphasize the importance of a healthy working environment.

CBD oils aren’t a magic remedy, they just help you calm down. People still need to know the difference between working hours and free time to properly recover.”, Kutti says.

Interested? Find out more.

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